How to Tie Waist Beads

Here's simple instructions on how to tie our waist beads. (video below as well)

1. Untie your waist beads (Most beads are tied in a slip knot, so pull the string which will release the knot)

2. Choose where you would like to place the waist beads on your stomach or hips

3. Once you choose the placement for your waist beads, shift all the access beads over towards the end of the string.

4. Tie both sides on the string in a knot.

*Important: To strengthen the knot, wrap the thread which you are tying in a loop around the waist beads, tie, and repeat 3x while ensuring that you are pulling the thread tightly to secure the knot.

5. Cut off access thread and beads after tying.

6. Use a lighter and your the top of the flame to flash burn your beads. Do NOT hold the fire on the beads, just flash the top of the flame over the beads a few times to seal the knot. 

*Suggestion: You can use your access beads as ankle bracelets, or you can reloop them around your waist beads to give the illusion of a second strand of beads.. Get creative :)

Here's a how-to Video