How do I tie my waist beads?

1. Untie your waist beads (Most beads are tied in a slip knot, so pull the string which will release the knot)

2. Choose where you would like to place the waist beads on your stomach or hips

3. Once you choose the placement for your waist beads, shift all the access beads over towards the end of the string.

4. Tie both sides on the string in a knot.

*Important: To strengthen the knot, wrap the thread which you are tying in a loop around the waist beads, tie, and repeat 3x while ensuring that you are pulling the thread tightly to secure the knot.

5. Cut off access thread and beads after tying.

*Suggestion: You can use your access beads as ankle bracelets, or you can reloop them around your waist beads to give the illusion of a second strand of beads.. Get creative :)


Why shop with KwashieAmbrosia for my waist beads?

All our beads originate from the beautiful country of Ghana. In addition to them coming straight from the motherland they are handmade. The bead making process is by hand which ensures the beads structural authenticity and color retention; the beads will not lose their color as the years progress.

Are waist beads adjustable?

Yes, the waist beads which come on a cloth string and measure between 40"-46", can be adjusted to the desired size. THE MAXIMUM SIZE OF THE BEADS IS LISTED IN THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION, if your waist is over the size in the description, when you tie there would be a few inches of exposed string.
The beads which are custom made with a clasp and plastic string, require a waist measurement size when purchasing and are not adjustable.

What should I do if my waist size is bigger than 44"?

You can tie two strands of the same beads together and then cut off the access after tying. You can also email KwashieAmbrosia@gmail.com to have a custom bead made at your waist size. 

What is the meaning of waist beads?

Waist beads in Ghanian culture are a mark of womanhood. They are used as adornment for women's bodies and decoration. Traditionally the beads would be worn under a women's clothing and left to be seen by her partner. Today waist beads are used as fashion and come in many different colors, shapes, and finishes. The waist beads also help with maintaining a woman's shape. In Ghana woman begin wearing waist beads from childhood, and they act as a natural waist shaper to keep the shape of the hips and waist in proportion. Waist beads can also to used to track weight gain or loss, the tighter your beads become the more weight you're gaining, and your beads dropping is a result of losing weight. 

How many strands do I get with each order?

Waist beads are all sold as single strands unless you buy a "waist bead bundle."

How do I contact someone at Kwashie Ambrosia?

You can fill out a contact form on our site here https://kwashieambrosia.com/pages/contact-us 

Or, You can send an email to kwashieambrosia@gmail.com. For less serious inquires you can send us a DM on Instagram @kwashieambrosia