Meet Crys.K

Crystal Kwashie (Crys), a 26 year old emerging entrepreneur who plans on restoring the community by repairing women from the inside out. Crys runs a business selling waist beads and other beauty enhancement tools, but her main focus is to assist women in discovering their true beauty. Crystal received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Political science, but is working serving women by way of God. In addition to making and selling waist beads, Crystal loves doing hair, specializing in wigs and weaves.
Outside of her work life, Crystal is a socialite who loves climbing the social ladder by meeting new people and networking in different environments. She lovessssss to eat and try new foods, travel, exercise, and spend time caring for herself. Crys loves meeting her customers in person, and coaching women she encounters in her day to day life, with tips on how they can discover their true inner beauty so it radiates for the world to see. Crys is in the stage of her life where she is transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly, and  through this metamorphic stage, she would like to take other women on this journey as well. Crystal’s ultimate goal is to create an environment for women to not just spruce up their outer appearance to create temporary self fulfillment, but instead help them find the beauty within themselves so it lasts a lifetime. If you’d like to find out more about Crys, or follow her in her day to day activities follow her Instagram pages: @Crys.K @KwashieAmbrosia & @AmbrosiaExtensions and follow her Youtube Channel [KwashieAmbrosia] for up to date, relevant content.