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Cultivating Inner and Outer Beauty with Luxurious Handcrafted Ghanaian Waist Beads. Enjoy the best in waist beads, nothing else compares.


Welcome to Kwashie Ambrosia!

A channel which connects women across the Diaspora to traditional West African culture but in full glam! Beading is an essential component of West African culture and has many different functions in society such as traditional ceremonies, weddings, fashion, body adornment and more!

Think of our waist beads as next-level waist beads. Exclusively available to our valued customers, these waist beads will transport you to ✨absolute elegance✨.. Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary quality of Kwashie Ambrosia!

Our waist beads are handmade in Ghana by our local artisans, and by supporting us, you are supporting local Ghanaian artisans who specialize in artistic cultural beading.

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"You are all together beautiful my love; there is no flaw in you"

Solomon 4:7

  • Waist Sculpting & Progress Tracking

    Utilize our waist beads to monitor weight fluctuations, and witness a more sculpted waistline through regular usage.

  • Embrace Self-Love!

    Our waist beads are crafted with top-notch genuine beads, adding a touch of luxury to your intimate body decor. Elevate your self-love routine.

  • Fair Trade From Ghana

    Our waist beads are sustainably handmade in Ghana, when purchasing from us, you are supporting local Ghanaian artisans.